What is the Swimrun?

The new trend for more sportsmen and adventurers it is the ” Swimrun, ” a sports challenge that includes the swimming with the career.

It was discovered in Sweden, when two brothers fulfilled the challenge of crossing the archipelago of Stockholm in 2002. This combination of swimming and running started developing in the Northern Countries but as it has been becoming popular, it is incorporating other countries as in Spain, where you can choose between several distances and tours.

This new modality has his differences as for other trends as the triatlón, acuatlón, steeplechases, careers, etc. Since it does not possess a norm of a few exact distances that have to be crossed in the distance. The aim is to cross a distance from beginning to end. That is to say, the sportsman goes with the same gown so much in the tour in waters as in careers without knowing that it can be for the way. And the most enterteining thing is that this test does to itself in pairs!

During the tour the sportsmen wallow in opened waters and different dirt tracks. This does that the sportsman is the one who adapts to the environment and not upside-down.

The Swimrun, apart from being innovative and authentic, possesses an enterteining, adventurous activity and without pressure of crossing certain distance in certain time. In addition one can enjoy with someone, which you can share the experience minute per minute with another person and practise of mutual support.

The most frequent questions in relation to the challenge it is the equipación. Since already we mention, the sportsman does not change, takes the same thing through. The most comfortable thing is to take a suit of short neoprene (hereby we do not immobilize the joint of the knees), a few light slippers as them of trail running and a bag “waterproof” with food and emergency kit.

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