The triathlon, more than a sport

The triathlon already is not a mode but a way of living. It includes three sports; the swimming, the cycling and to run in the same test.
We can see the triathlon as a new challenge, since it combines several disciplines of high performance doing that is attractive, enterteining, complete and complicated. A hard training is needed daily. The sportsmen must be prepared physically and mentally in all the disciplines to be able to finish the above mentioned test.

There are many sportsmen who get bored with the same routine, for what they have adapted any of three sports in his day after day. This way they can continue training daily keenly and energy beside strengthening every part of the body of a healthy and enterteining way.

The triathlon has many benefits, between them the discipline and the organization of the time. The sportsman learns to follow a plan of daily training, in which it is taking forces and bottom. In addition, bearing in mind that every sport possesses different trainings, different gown and different efforts, the sportsman learns to manage and organize better his energy as the time.

All that can adapt to the daily life. The triathlon does that the sportsman takes a healthy, calm and positive life. It serves to activate the metabolism, provoking a major energetic consumption, the heart, the resistance works and helps to fight against the stress and the anxiety.

It is necessary to mention that in Catalonia we have received this challenge with many desire and in that we try to involve the whole population. For it different tests exist with levels changed for as what sportsman, in order to inculcate this form of exercise into the daily life.

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