The importance of being hydrated in the physical activity

The physical activity carries the improvement of our physical and mental health. What we look is a balance and for it we have to find a balance sheet between the physical activity that we realize, the supply and overcoat a suitable hydration, factor that great we forget to compromise ourselves with.

It is important to consume water before, during and after the physical activity, since we lose a water quantity across our sweat and if we do not re-compose the worn-out liquid we suffer side effects. It is necessary to bear in mind that we lose between 0,5L to 2L of water depending on the physical activity that we realize, the hours that we practise, the intensity, the temperature, the age that we have, the physical conditions that we possess, etc. For all this, the quantity of water ingestion for recomponernos would be different for every individual.

The lack of knowledge on the importance of being hydrated or the simple fact of not drinking water if one does not have be believe a few not favorable habits for our health. Later we mention some of the benefits that the correct hydration produces and that we must have present daily, this way modify our habits and feel an improvement in our health.

  1. Regulation of the corporal temperature. On having been hydrated we adequately do not suffer from unevenness in our temperature, for what we anticipate to be sick.
  2. It activates the enzimas to distribute the energy needed by the body.
  3. It facilitates the transport of vitamins and nutrients for our organism.
  4. It helps in the elimination of toxins of the organism.
  5. It improves the performance and concentration….

To obtain a good performance in the physical activity, the Institute of Investigation Waters down and Health recommends to consume 500 ml of water before realizing the activity, 100-200ml every 15-20 minutes during the activity and overcoat to recover at least 150 % of the weight lost after realizing some sport or physical activity.


Activities like the running and the swimrun need of a physical and mental effort of high performance and the sportsmen dedicate hours of training to be in a few physical and mental conditions adapted to realize the above mentioned activities. It would not be possible to carry out them without a suitable diet and hydration, for it it is crucial present has in every moment the importance of supporting a water constant balance.

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