The determination to eat healthy

The society has created a mode or a myth on what it consists of eating healthy. From the last years many theories, diets and modifications have been joining in our supply, not necessarily beneficial for all. In addition, into the scientific advance we have incorporated new ways of supporting a balance in our health and today in our blog we want to do emphasis in the benefits that it provokes to eat healthy.

From Nu complements we want to invite you to practise and support a balance in the physical and mental health in a comfortable way. It is important to incorporate new habits in our daily life to be in a positive and healthy condition.

The needs of nutrition of every individual changes, for what there is fundamental a previous analysis and an appropriate education of the daily nutrients that one goes to consume. For it, we consider opportunely to realize a test in order that the professionals of the nutrition and dietetics advise us what type of supply and diet it fits with our condition.

To eat good and to be hydrated adequately means to have a hygienic body. Later we mention some of the benefits that it provokes to eat I recover…

  1. Correct digestion.
  2. Proportionate and indispensable energy.
  3. A rich supply in fiber, proteins and fats helps to anticipate cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.
  4. It improves the mental health as the anxiety and depression.
  5. It improves the state of mind.
  6. It reduces the stress
  7. It improves the processing of information
  8. The ingestion of fruit and vegetable they are rich in nutrients as the fiber, vitamins and minerals and have few calories for what it helps in the control of the weight.
  9. Better performance, concentration on having be hydrated adequately.
  10. It makes us feel better with us themselves on having supported the healthy skin. The antirust ones that we receive on having eaten healthily it eliminates the dead cells and this provokes that us sintamos better…

Thanks to the science of the nutrition and dietetics, we can know the base of the balanced supply. The determination resides in having a knowledge and appropriate information in order that every individual could support a healthy life, consuming a quantity of supply and suitable water…

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