After a long career as a professional water polo player, and now as an addict to the adrenaline of the long-running races in triathlon, trail runner and swinrun specialties, I live the sport very intensely and I wan’t anything to interrupt or block that Strange sense of freedom, empowerment, and sacrifice.

As an athlete I am competitive but little suffering, so I need everything to play in my favor and I can not – or want – that complements or accessories make the race more difficult. On a personal level I recognize that I am an awake dreamer, which always pushes me to imagine myself running light, without discomfort, or ballast. In my professional side, although I am carried away by enthusiasm and creativity, I am quite meticulous, and I like to perfect every detail.

I couldn’t stop this shaker from being born. After many years designing for others – large brands – what I needed as an athlete myself, I decided to tackle one of the most important challenges of my professional and sports career: to put my stamp on exclusive and unique sports equipment for people who do not just want to be Faster, reach further, or climb higher, but also want to feel, experience, and live sport.

For this, as an athlete I detect what I have left over and what I need; I test one and a thousand times each prototype. As a product designer I experiment with materials, shapes, textures … I modify and work on each product up to the smallest detail and achieve its minimum expression. Because that’s the only way I can get NU to evolve with you until you stop being a complement, to become part of you, forgetting who you are and where you come from, because it only matters that you are in the path that you have chosen

I am Xavi García Carabí and Nu is my second skin.

And you, you dare with NU?