¿What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file of text that is stored in your computer when you enter a web page. This file of text stores information that can be read by the page when you return to enter. Some of these cookies are indispensable, since without them the page cannot work correctly. Other cookies are very useful, since they remember your user’s name of sure form, as well as your preferences, for example, the language. Thanks to the cookies it is not necessary that you facilitate the same information whenever you enter a page.

¿Why does NUCOMPLEMETS use a cookie ?

NUCOMPLEMETS uses cookies to there offer you an experience more personalized with your preferences. Hereby you will not have to facilitate the same information whenever you visit the page of www.nucomplements.com. The cookies are used in addition to improve the performance of the page, since they make the process of purchase easier and help you to find specific articles rapidly.

To protect your personal information and against any possible loss of information or form of illicit treatment of information, NUCOMPLEMENTS has adopted the technical and organizational opportune measures.

¿How I can deactivate the cookies?

To modify the preferences of your mariner to deactivate the cookies is very simple, but remember that if you deactivate them, your user’s name and password will stop being guarded in the page.


1. Open Firefox.
2. Touch the key “Alt” of the keyboard.
3. In the menu that appears above on the screen, choose “Tools” and later “Options”.
4. Do click in “Privacy”.
5. In ” Firefox will be able “: it chooses ” To use a configuration personalized for the record “. Unmark the option ” To agree cookies ” to deactivate them and save the realized changes.

Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Do click in the button “Tools” and later in ” Internet options “.
3. Select “Privacy”.
4. In “Advanced” you can deactivate the cookies and save the realized changes.

Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Click on the menu «Settings».
3. Select «Options».
4. Do click on «Advance». Section «Privacy», do click in «Content configuration».
5. In «Cookies» you can disable the cookies and save the changes.


1. Open Safari.
2. Select «Preferences» do click in «Safety» (Top right part).
3. ” To agree cookies ” section, you can choose if Safari must accept the cookies of the sites to which you enter. To obtain more information, do click in the sign of interrogation.
4. To see the cookies that have been stored in your computer, do click in ” Seeing cookies “.