1. It is a requirement indispensable to be major of age to be able to realize a purchase in the page www.nucomplements.com

2. It is an indispensable requirement that in your record you facilitate to us at least a telephone of mobile or fixed contact and an email address

3. The means of contact that we will use to order you the notifications on your order will be principally the e-mail though in you cause also we can use the telephone of contact, that before us habrás facilitated when your order completes across our web page

4. The conditions of use and purchase of this web page only are valid for purchases realized in Peninsula, Balearics, Canary Isles, Ceuta and Melilla.

5. When you have realized your order, we will send you to the email address that you have facilitated to us, the only number of your order.

6. If we accept your order, you will receive in your e-mail before facilitated in your user’s account, our acceptance issuing a confirmation of order. This confirmation of order will be effective from his sending. If on the contrary we cannot accept your order, we will try to contact ourselves with you by e-mail or telephone

7. One can give the case of which us it is not possible to supply the articles requested in your confirmation of order, owed aque the articles already are not made, do not be this moment available, break of stock. In this case we will contact ourselves with you for the means mentioned in the point 2.

8. The forms of payment accepted for www.nucomplements.com are:

Bank Transfer
Credit Card

9. Of very occasional form the prices, descriptions and images showed in the page www.nucomplements.com can contain mistakes and show a price lower than the royal one. If this has happened after we have sent the confirmation of order, we will contact you in order to issue a new correct confirmation of order.

10. The information contained in our advertising and advertising bulletins, or it has been facilitated you by our sales team it constitutes an invitation to do a treatment, not constituting a firm offer to supply any product on the part of www.nucomplements.com

11. All the prices and offers that appear in the page www.nucomplements.com refer only to the purchases realized across our web page, being able to be different from the prices and offers that can be in others portals of sale of product.